A recent Klang Valley survey shows a growing population of rodents, largely found at dirty eateries and recreational areas, which can lead to leptospirosis outbreaks

Rats / Mice: Difference, Types

house rat control in malaysia

Different Types of Rat/Mice

House mouse
Norway Rat (aka- Brown rat,Sewer rat,Street rat)
Roof Rat
Black rat

Difference between Rat and Mice

We should know the basic difference between Rat and Mice. This helps to control them better. Both have different habitat.



Malay name :




Sparrow sized

Sexually dimorphic, avg. 1/2 kg

Best known species:

Common House Mouse

Black Rat ,Brown Rat

Identification Method:

Small feces

Larger feces

Head Attributes:

Small, triangular, small relative to body

Short, stubby, broad, large relative to body

Muzzle Attributes:

Narrow with sharp muzzle

Large and blunt with wide muzzle


Ears are large relative to the head.

Ears are small relative to the head.

Life Span:

Avg. 1.5-2.5 Years

Avg. 2-3 Years


A mouse is small and has a skinny tail.

A rat is bigger and has a thicker tail.

Digging burrows:

Mice do not dig deep and even if they do so, they may dig only to about a foot.

Rats dig deep and long burrows.


Slightly bigger compared to head

Small compared to head