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Mosquito in Malaysia

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Mosquito Control Methods

In tropical countries like Mlaaysia mosquitoes are important as vectors of dideses whose scourge can disrupt the social and economic well being of the country.
The most important disease transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes is malaria and some species also transmit filariasis. They breed in variety of habitats ranging from brackish coastal waters to inland fresh waters especially marshes, rice fields, ditches, pools and ponds.

Mosquito Control strategies:

Basically mosquito control can be divided into three categories:

1. Source reduction and environmental management
In general, source reduction and environmental management offers the best strategy for a long term control. Example, removing unwanted containers such as tin cans and tyres

2. Chemical Control

Among all the various control approaches, the use of insecticides, either directed at the adults or larvae, has been the mainstay for the control of mosquito. Currently, the trend in insecticide development is towards improved efficacy against mosquitoes and a reduction in adverse environmental impact as well as safely of the user, in other words a more effective but less hazardous insecticides.

Insecticidal adulticides are sued in the form of surface spray as in the control of anopheles vectors to reduce malaria transmission. They are also used as space spray formulations, both thermal fogging and ultra low volume, against Aedes mosquitoes in the control of dengue /dengue haemorrhagic fever.

Insect growth regulators (IGR) have also shown to be effective in controlling immature stages of mosquitoes. Based on their mode of action, IGRs can be divided into juvenile hormone and chitin synthesis inhibitors, both of which disrupt the metamorphosis of the immature stages.

3. Physical barriers and Personal protection

Insecticide impregnated bed-nets repel and kill mosquitoes, thus protecting people against mosquito bites. The use of household insecticides products is the most common form of personal protection measures. This includes aerosols , mosquito coils, electric mats and liquid vaporizer.

Mosquito coil is considered the most widely used household insecticide product in the world, particularly in the greater southeast asian region. In addition to household insecticide products, repellents applied on exposed skin are also used for protection against mosquito bites.

Intergrated Control
In integrated control a combination of the above control methods are used to eliminate or reduce a mosquito population

Biological Control: cost-effective biological agents against mosquitoes. -Currently we dont do biological control methods.-