If you see cockroaches, it is best to treat the problem immediately or by calling in a Professional pest control company such as James White Ants Destroying Sdn Bhd.

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Cockroach control methods



• Cockroaches require food, water and harborages to survive. Thus it the presence of these three factor can be decreased the chance of a cockroach population to establish can be greatly reduced too.

• Potential harborages include loose baseboard, cardboard boxes, cracks and crevices and loose voids.

• Human food derrises in food preparative outlets and leaking taps and pipes are often serving as food and water sources for cockroaches in the kitchen.

• Garbage cans n the kitchen must be securely covered and emptied on regular basis.

• Dishes and utensils should not be left unwashed overnight Regular clean-up of accumulated food debris and cupboards will help to reduce the build-up of food particles.

• In order to prevent introduction of cockroaches n the premises all soft drink cartons, egg crates , bags of potatoes , onions loose food, laundry or luggage containing soiled clothing must be carefully screened before taken into a building.

2.Chemical Methods

This is the most effective method to bring down an established infestation. Various insecticide formulation are available for the purpose, ranging from residual insecticides dust to gel bait

a.Residual insecticides

Residual insect ices are the primary and most popular control method although baiting is getting increasingly popular. Cockroaches come into contact with residual insecticides when they walk upon the treat surfaces.
residual spray for cockroach
b.Gel Baits

Cockroach baits area usually formulated in bait station or as gel.
Due to its limited application, baiting is relatively safer and environmentally-friendly than residual treatment.
It is also odorless and ready to use. Cockroaches feed on bait will receive a lethal dose and eventually die.

This method is useful especially in sensitive environment such as zoos, child-care centre, computer rooms, food preparation outlets, where residual treatment is not allowed.




Dust are usually used in areas where wet sprays are not permissible as it may cause stain or damage to electrical appliance. They are often applied to crack and crevices , in switchboxes and ceiling voids.

Trapping may be effective for removing a small number of cockroaches from the population, but can never stand alone when infestation is serious. It is more suitable for monitoring strategy.
Live JAR TRAP and Destructive Trapping(sticky trap)