If you see cockroaches, it is best to treat the problem immediately or by calling in a Professional pest control company such as James White Ants Destroying Sdn Bhd.

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Lobster Cockroach control and Facts

german cockroach


Lobster Roaches are a small, fast, climbing, brown cockroach - measuring about 30mm when adult. Although they have wings Lobster Roaches can not fly..


Characteristics of Lobster Cockraoch:

Size 30mm  
Shape oval  
Color Black to Dark Brown  
Legs 6  
Wings yes- but can not fly  
Originating Caribbean  


They are very opportunistic feeders.Lobster roaches love fresh fruit
Life cycle

Lobster Cockroaches generally live 1 to 2 years as adults.

Adult Cockroaches will breed quickly if provided with the proper conditions and good nutrition.

Females carry the ootheca (egg case) internally until they hatch. Female roaches will incubate the egg case for about 30 days, after which time up to 40 young are born. The parents and offspring will commonly remain in close physical contact for extended periods of time. Nymphs, or babies, are about 3/16 of an inch when born, and will reach adult size in 3 to 4 months. .

lobster cockroach


Lobster cockroaches live in dark and damp places. They are good pet too.Watch a lobster colony(video)

Why Cockroach Control must be done

The waste byproducts are allergens that can trigger allergic reactions, asthma and other illnesses, especially in children.


* Keep cooking, eating and food storage areas clean and dry. *


If you see cockroaches, it is best to call a Pest Management Professional - 'James White Ants Destroying' due to the illnesses they can spread.

How To Get Rid of Lobster Cockroaches


Lobster Roach treatment should not be limited to kitchens and bathrooms. For moderate infestations, all rooms of the structure should be treated.

If you can eliminate even one of these things through proper sanitation, the roach population will be forced to either die or move someplace else. Discard old boxes and piles of papers where roaches can hide.

Use a waste bin or trash can with a tight fitting lid and keep trash in a close plastic bag overnight.

Fix leaky drains and faucets; roaches can live on water alone.

Clean kitchen appliances thoroughly Empty pet food containers at night, or place them on the back porch or in a plastic bag. Vacuum regularly, and restrict food consumption to one room of the house.

This will help keep Lobser cockroaches and other pests from spreading into others areas such as bedrooms.

2.Chemical Methods for Lobster Cockroach Control

I. Dust

II. Apply a Liquid Residual to the Perimeter

III. Baits & Granules