To prevent bed bug infestations, consumers need to be vigilant in assessing their surroundings. When returning from a trip, check your luggage, clothing, and other personal belongings.

BedBugs in Malaysia

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BedBug: Facts, Identification

Argentine Ant

Crematogaster ashmeadi


Color: Adult is mahogany to rusty brown; red-brown in color when engorged with blood. Nymph (baby bed bugs) are nearly colorless when hatch

Size: Adults are about 3/16 to 1/5 inch long; Nymphs range from 1.3mm to 4-5mm; Eggs are white and about 1/32 inch long

Argentine Ant
Indentifying Characteristics: Broadly oval and flat; body becomes elongated, swollen, and dark red after a blood meal; have beaklike piercing-sucking mouthparts; possible to detect an obnoxiously sweet or foul “locker-room” odor, which is emitted from their glands


Bed bugs feed only on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts including poultry, rodents, dogs, and cats to name a few


Bed bugs do not fly or jump. They can enter tight crack and crevice locations because of their flattened bodies·
They are elusive, nocturnal creatures; hiding during the day in dark, protected sites.
However, they are opportunistic and may take a blood meal during the day in heavy infestations ·
Adults and young ones can go with no feedings for 80 to 140 days. Older adults are known to live as long as 500 days with no feedings(that is about 18 months!)·

Female bed bugs lay from one to twelve eggs per day; eggs are coated with a sticky substance and adhered to rough surfaces or in cracks and crevices.
This is about 500 eggs per her lifetime. Eggs hatch in 7-10 days.
Developmental time (egg to adult) is affected by temperature – about 21 days at 86º F to 120 days at 65º F.
There are 5 nymphal instars with a blood meal required for each molt·
Adult’s lifespan may encompass 12-18 months with three or more generations per year