How Destructive Termite Can Be, Find Out More About Termite Control

Different methods used for TERMITE CONTROL


Rodding, Drilling and Trenching.

When infestations occur after a structure has been built, termiticides are applied by one of three methods: rodding, drilling, or trenching. In the first, termiticide is injected directly into the soil at specific intervals around the perimeter of the house and beneath the slab with a rodder, an injection tool with a long, hollow, metal rod with an open tip. Drilling involves making holes through concrete slabs, walkways, patios, walls, and floors in order to treat the soil beneath the slab or inside wall voids.


Trenching involves digging a shallow trench 4 inches apart from the vertical wall or drainage (soil) and 4 to 6 inches in depth, around the ground of the building or house.