Termite Control &
Pest Control in Malaysia.
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How to control Termite.

Termite Baiting for Home and Commmercial buildings
  • No Chemical
  • No Drilling
  • No Toxic
  • In Ground Station
  • Above Ground Station
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    Drilling Methods
  • Drilling holes in the ground
  • Injecting Chemical in the holes
  • Patching up the holes
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    TPS - Termite Proving Sysytem
  • Spray effected areas
  • Dusting powder Treatment
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    Pre-Construction Soil Treatment
  • Horizontal Barrier- 1st Stage
  • Vertical Barriers- 2nd Stage
  • Spraying of chemicals
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    Post-construction treatment
  • Apparent Trenching
  • Roding
  • drilling
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    Termite life and Termite Control

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    General Pest Control

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